findom femdom dominatrix and financial domination

Natural Dominance

I have always been a leader. Moving into Dominance and submission (D/s) is a natural extension of who I am every day. People have always tended to fall in line and follow Me for as long as I can remember. It is the result of confidence, a strong locus of control, and an undying sense of self-efficacy. 


I have been told a number of times that I should be a comedian. My sense of humor is quite memorable. I am VERY intelligent (in common sense AND in the scholarly sense).  I travel often, including internationally. When I am not otherwise engaged, I get bored easily; thus, I have a wide range of interests. I might be at a demolition derby one day, an opera the next, and scuba diving with sharks the day after that. I’m interesting like that.


I am a successful professional with My own business. As a result, I do not count on submissive men for My income. I do this for D/s thing for fun, not as an occupation. I think this is the best way to enjoy FinDom and domestic service.  


My professional background, along with My vast experience in lifestyle BDSM, has given Me a unique set of skills that makes Me exceptionally good at training and conditioning submissive males. You will learn more about this as you get to know Me through service. My D/s philosophy is that in a lifestyle arrangement, the submissive’s sole purpose is to be useful to its Mistress. The ways in which you can be useful to Me are directly tied to My interests as a Domme.