Chronic Masturbation

In an experiment with lab rats, the rats would be given a choice between food and an electric impulse sent to the pleasure center of the brain. The rats would choose this pleasurable stimulation over food. In one study, the rat stimulated its brain over 7500 times in a 12 hour period (Olds & Milner, 1954).

Fast forward a bit and here you are, jerking off AGAIN. There’s nothing wrong with masturbation of course, but you’re doing it like it’s an Olympic sport, and you’re going for the gold. It’s because you cannot stop activating that pleasure center. Well, it’s time we reprogrammed that activation loop to respond to something more useful. 

This is where training and conditioning come in. Yes, the famous slave training. It’s the thing we Dommes to do to make you into something that is far less disgusting and a lot more fun to keep around. It also helps to ensure that you are useful as a submissive and therefore have something to add to My life. As much as you submissive devotees of FinDom often self-identify as losers, you simply cannot be a useless loser! You can be a loser, but you have to be a useful loser at least!


Olds, J., & Milner, P. (1954). Positive reinforcement produced by electrical stimulation of septal area and other regions of rat brain. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology47(6), 419–427.