Our Goals

Christmas was wonderful. I received a lot of gifts, and I had a great time filming and photographing the unboxings. If you do not know what an unboxing is, it is when I film or photograph myself opening the gift that a certain sub or fan has sent Me. The only person who gets to see the video or pictures is the person who sent the gift I am unboxing. It’s a lot of fun for Me to do. On another note, I got so many gourmet desserts and candies from you that I could have personally given diabetes to 18 adult humans. My sweet tooth will be satisfied for months.

Now that Christmas is over, it is time for New Year’s! I’m not one to make a list of New Year’s resolutions, since I resolve to kick ass every day of My life. However, I do have an ongoing and evolving set of goals. Since you wish to serve Me, that makes My goals into your goals as well. Some of My goals are serious, like getting student loans paid off. Other goals are fun, like taking another California beach vacation. Some are big, like buying my 2.4 million dollar dream home in Phoenix, AZ; others are small, like getting an amazing foot massage this weekend. Where you fit into this picture depends on where you are, what skills you have, what kind of personality you have, what resources you have, and whether you serve Me as My property or simply pop in and send a tribute from time-to-time. As you begin, I will figure out your place and mold you to the proper specifications.